Envelope for Gonring|Spahn

Stationary design

Digital files for logotype, letterhead, envelopes, buck slip, and business cards for Gonring|Spahn. 2014.

Brochures for Left Coast Press


Mailers for Left Coast Press. 2013.

Brochures for Left Coast Press
Limn Magazine front page
Limn Magazine pages 12 and 13
Limn Magazine pages 4 and 5

Limn magazine issue number one

45 pages of layout + cover for new academic magazine. 2011.

Limn’s web page: limn.it

Limn Magazine pages 32 and 33

Limn Magazine pages 8 and 9
Limn Magazine pages 6 and 7
Limn Magazine pages 16 and 17
Limn Magazine pages 22 and 23

Letterpress stationary

Franklin Gothic, hand set with cast metal type and printed with a Vandercook. 2007.

Business card for American Ethnography
Stationary for American Ethnography

Silk screen print

Serigraph for American Ethnography. One color print on a 15" x 32" (38cm x 81cm) sheet of Arches 88. 2010.


I used the same design for t-shirts (which I also printed myself). 2010.

Lino print

First step of lino reduction cut. 2009.

Lino cut printed in one black on white, showing Buick Riviera 1972


'Car Customizing & Outlaw Aesthetics' Serigraph


'Car Customizing & Outlaw Aesthetics' T-shirts