American Ethnography launches independent research program

Ethnographic fieldwork is dope, grant writing isn't. Call this the premisses behind the launch of “Car Customizing and Outlaw Aesthetics”American Ethnography's new independent research program – and the funding thereof.

Alright, maybe it's not so much that grant writing sucks, but rather that we suck at grant writing. We think we'd be wasting our resources if we try our hand on that rather energy consuming process of applying for financial hand outs, so instead we'll do this: We're going to pay for our research by t-shirt sales. Yes, that's right – we will finance our study through merchandise!

What's that you say? You think it's un-scholarly? First of all, fuck you, and secondly, why don't you just buy a t-shirt and shut up!? It'll make us both feel much better, it really will – you'll put the shirt on, and you'll be wild and unreal, and we'll be wild and unreal, too.

Models wearing the T-shirts Fine. But, what's the goal of the “Car Customizing and Outlaw Aesthetics” research? In one sentence, here it is: We will examine and analyze the visual rhetoric of outlaw aesthetics as employed in Californian automobile customization.

Now, of course, when we use words like visual rhetoric and aesthetics and employ in this manner, it sounds fairly grant proposal-ish, doesn't it? And didn't we just say that we won't play the grant game? Yes, we did. So are we just pretentious frauds, then, phony nitwits full of shit? No, it's not that we have anything against the academic, or its language. As a matter of fact we love academic. It's true, we once wrote a research paper called I Want My Car to Look Like a Whore. That's a good title – perhaps we'll use it again. But, nope, we have nothing against the academic language. It's just that we'd rather be doing research, not working on some doomed proposal. We know you'll understand.

If you still need more grant committee spiel, here's another thing you might like to know about the study: Each step of the research – empirical data and intellectual reflections – will be proficiently documented and made freely available to the general public, as the study moves along. This means that the aforementioned general public – as a result of our research – will be more enlightened and more perceptive, wiser, sagacious and cool to hang with, and those are qualities we believe in here at American Ethnography.

Grand, isn't it? So get your ass over to our online shop, and order one of those babies. You will, as we mentioned, be wild and unreal. (Right now we offer free shipping on the T-shirts, to anywhere in the world.)


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